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'Grimm' Review of 'Quill': A Trip Into Zombieland -- Sort of

My review of Grimm season 2 episode 4 “Quill” - Where Nick and Hank are a better team, while Monroe and Rosalee try to take their relationship to the next level.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

My latest “Supernatural Chat” article for TV Equals: Sam and Dean Play Dress-Up - What’s Your Favorite Winchester Costume?
My review of the Suits Summer Finale “High Noon.” Where I talk about how much I love this show and wonder what’s going to happen the rest of this season. 
WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to piss in that bastard’s office.

Best. Scene. Ever. 

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Article: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Watch the Season 2 Summer Finale of Suits
Spoiler-Free review!
My latest “Supernatural Chat” Article: Top 10 Funniest Characters on the show.
Suits “Rewind” Season 2 Episode 8 review. Where we flashback 5 years to find out how everyone ended up where they are now. 
WARNING: Spoilers ahead!  

Article: When Did You Know You Were in Love with Supernatural?

My latest “Supernatural Chat” article for TV Equals. Where I discuss the exact moments/elements of the show that made me fall in love during the first episode I ever saw from the series (Folsom Prison Blues). 

And where I post fans’ stories of how they fell in love, and ask readers to share their stories too. Basically, it’s one big Supernatural Love Fest. 

Warning: Spoilers for SPN Ep “Folsom Prison Blues”


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Great to see both scenes together. When Harvey said that caring made you weak, my heart hurt for him. I think someone would only say that if they’d been really hurt by someone. I have a feeling it was his family, maybe even his dad. 

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